How does Dinner as You Please accomplish all this?

After expressing an interest in our service, an initial consultation meeting is set up. At this meeting Chef David will ask an in-depth series of questions exploring how and what you like to eat. Foods that you love, foods that you hate, style of cooking you prefer, any food allergies or special food-related needs. Available food storage space in your refrigerator and/or freezer will also be discussed along with your preference for the type of containers in which your meals would be stored. A determination is then made as to the number of meals you want prepared and the frequency of their preparation. Once you realize you can't wait to get started with Dinner as You Please, a cook date will be scheduled!

Chef David will prepare a menu of selections from which to choose. These selections will be tailored to you based on the results of the initial consultation. Prior to the cook date you will contact Chef David via phone, Email or Fax, with your choices.

On the agreed upon cook date Chef David will shop for the freshest meat, poultry, fish, produce and herbs needed to create your special selections. He will arrive at your home with all the ingredients needed and his own kitchen tools and supplies in tow. The only kitchen equipment he needs from you are a stove and enough refrigerator and/or freezer space to store your cooked bounty.

All of your menu selections with side dishes will be prepared on the cook day. When you arrive home, you will experience the aromas of someone who has been cooking all day (that's because Chef David has!), your meal for the evening will be ready and all other meals will be packaged with complete heating instructions for each item, stored in your refrigerator or freezer,  and your kitchen will be just the way you left it. No mess, no muss, no fuss.

So now that Chef David is in the house, "what's for dinner" becomes, "which entree and side dish that is already prepared and waiting shall we have tonight". Just heat and enjoy!

Dinner as You Please Personal Chef Service really can return to you the time spent creating menus, shopping, preparing and cooking your meals. This time can be used to reclaim the table as a place to enjoy good food with the company of those you love.

How much does this cost?

Dinner as You Please is much more affordable then you might imagine. Prices are as low as $85 per person per week. Remember that this includes shopping, preparation, cooking, packaging with heating instructions and cleanup. Contact Chef David today for more information on our service or to schedule your free no-obligation food consultation and assessment.

Thank you for taking the time to check out this site. I look forward to speaking with you!

Chef David (860)657-4663


Dinner as You Please
Glastonbury CT 06033
Owner/Chef: David deMercado
Phone: 860-657-4663

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